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October 2017 – March 2018

Technopolis City of Athens and the Industrial Gas Museum are celebrating “160 years Gazi”, 160 years since the foundation of the Athens Gasworks, with a series of anniversary acts.

Since 1857, the Athens Gasworks has been filling the city with energy and has been “enlightening” our lives. For 160 years. From Gazi. A rare, in european terms, historical site has been transformed into the most vibrant multipurpose cultural facility in the heart of Athens open for everyone to enjoy. In fact, the old machinery never ceased to operate. Technopolis keeps on creating, producing, being innovative and pioneering while being an integral part of the city vibe by the daily reform of the industrial past to a cultural present.

In respect of the anniversary, we present three unique theatrical performances. It is widely known after all that our Museum loves theatre! We are taking a long trip to Haiti, to the history of the Greek State and Athens through Haiti. A performance for History. There are also two other especially liked plays which are inspired by the old Athens Gasworks and stood out in the competition “ Theatre in the Industrial Gas Museum”: the… extremely inappropriate Marika in Gazi and A city in the dark, a mystery adventure for our little friends.

At the same time, staying true to our vision we attend a guided tour for deaf and hard of hearing people, we keep fit with yoga workshops with a 30 meters view from the Observatory and we spend the night in an exciting night in the Museum, in a slightly different sleepover. Naturally, you won’t miss everybody’s favorite routine. We promise you, this year’s “Sunday in Technopolis” will be spectacular!

The “160 years Gazi” celebration’s highlight is in January 2018 when there is the periodical exhibition 160 years made in Greece. Industry, Innovation, Novelty. Through this exhibition we are doing an all senses colorful trip to the history of the greek industry (1860-1970) and its development so far.

Are you ready to get to know, to explore, to learn more and to have a different experience of the Industrial Gas Museum?

And we have just begun…

The Natural Gas Attiki is collaborating with ΑΚΤΟ College and together they become a source of inspiration for young, energetic and artistically curious artists who “enlighten” the path of the most historic energy provider of the city of Athens.

Family guided tour for deaf, hard of hearing and hearing as well.

Sunday 22nd October

Theatrical performance from the group Hatari
31st October & 1st, 2nd, 3rd November

Sleepover in the Industrial Gas Museum for children and parents
Saturday 11th -Sunday 12th November

Theatrical performance by the group Don Quixotes
Sunday 12th+19th November

Theatrical Performance
13th, 14th&15th November

Yoga workshop with the yoga instructor Vasso Kolovou
16th&23rd November

Educational projects and activities for the whole family
Sunday 19th November

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160 years made in Greece

Industry, Innovation, Novelty