A city in the dark

Theatrical performance by the group Don Quixotes
Sunday 12th+19th November

Athens 2017. The city has plunged into darkness. Nobody knows why. The case was taken up by the well-known detective Fotis Mavridis, who will soon find out that something weird is going on. Is it another mystery case or maybe…a time travel?

The tale “A city in the dark” stood out in the Drama Competition “Theatre in the Industrial Gas Museum” where it retained the award for original story and acting.

When: Sunday 12th+19th November
Hours: 18.00-19.00
Where: Warehouse hall
Cost: 8€ (child), 4€ (adults)

* Buy your ticket online on www.viva.gr.

With your ticket you can have a short tour to the old retorts.

Cast & Creative | Text: Christos Christopoulos │Direction: Don Quixotes│ Actors: Sophia Nikolopoulou,Christos Christopoulos

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