A night… in the Museum

Sleepover in the Industrial Gas Museum for children and parents
Saturday 11th -Sunday 12th November

The sun sets in Gazi and we learn more about the old Gasworks through a series of exciting activities…in the dark by spending the night in the Museum!

Our adventure starts on Saturday 11th November at 19.00, with the black treasure hunt and a creative workshop inspired by the laws of classical mechanics. Afterwards we fall asleep by listening to stories while having sweet dreams! The next day, Sunday 12th November, we start off with an invigorating yoga workshop for the whole family and as long as we fill our energy batteries we enjoy a deliciously rich breakfast in the Café Technopolis.

More specifically:

Saturday 11th November (since 19.00)

  • - Black Treasure Hunt
    Through riddles and hidden tips we use our sharp eye to quickly solve mysteries and to explore the old Gasworks in the most fun way.
  • - The machine is on fire!
    Amongst the machinery that has been rescued in the old Gasworks, there is one machine that stands out as it is still working… Children and adults, we use plain material to build and color our own engine. But it’s not just that… We put it together and make it work!
  • - We listen to stories and legends for the night and the dreams, at the peak of Technopolis, the Observatory with a 360° view to Athens by night.
  • - Rest and sleep in the Purifier hall.

Sunday 12th November (since 08.00)

  • - Yoga workshop for the whole family

In partnership with Artfygio-the Art shelter

  • - Breakfast in Technopolis Café

When: 11th November – 12th November
Hours: 19.00 (11th November)-11.00 (12th November)
Where: Purifier Hall
Cost: 55€ (child+adult)

*Limited positions. Book on time in 2130109325!

* at the end of the event “ A night in the…Museum” the mattresses offered by Elite Strom will be given to KYADA (City of Athens Homeless Shelter) for the dormitory where overnight stay, bath, feeding and healthcare will be provided to homeless and The Smile of the Child.

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