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The journey to the Greek Industry goes on…

In January 2018 a colorful and exciting journey to the Greek industry has begun through the historic exhibition “160 years made in Greece” that was held in Technopolis City of Athens and the Industrial Gas Museum and was completed in March after having attracted more than 18.000 visitors of all ages. For the first time, in that extent, 160 years of Greek Industry were revived, from 1857 to this day along with 3 sectors with 8 fields, 120 industries and more than 800 items.

However, the journey doesn’t end here…the team of the Industrial Gas Museum has decided to give you an opportunity to relive this exhibition for two main reasons. On the one hand, our goal is always to keep up with the current trends and embrace the new technologies and on the other hand it is our great responsibility to keep this exhibition alive, as it is the result of a great collaborative effort and a thorough historical research. We are proud to present you “160 years made in Greece” VR Tour!

We are offering the scientific community as well as anyone who is interested to get to know the history of the Greek industry the chance to read all the texts, see and observe all the rare images, items and objects and also to interact with particular exhibits!

Are you on board?

*the VR tour of the exhibition “160 years made in Greece” takes place in collaboration with Cgpackshots

**you can browse through your tablet or your PC for a better view!

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160 years made in Greece

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