Our Museum loves theatre! The living proof is the original project that has been established since the very beginning and is now a favorite tradition, the “Theatre in the Industrial Museum”, which is based on the museumtheatre technique.

Through this project, we have tried to approach the local community and bring together and close to the site artists and theatre clubs by giving them a space to express themselves and the industrial heritage in their own way.

This year, as part of the celebration “160 years Gazi” we present a series of theatre plays which are either inspired by the old Gasworks or have to do with the modern history of the city.

Marika in Gazi

Theatrical Performance
13th, 14th&15th November

Gazi, in the 60s. Marika is a prostitute who lives close to the Gasworks. She is telling us her troubled personal story: how she came to Athens when she was 18, how she started working as a prostitute, how she met and fell for Mimis, a worker in «Gaslight”. She introduces us to the gas production line with her own unexpected and kind of… saucy way, just like the stories she heard from her beloved Mimis.

The monologue “Marika in Gazi” stood out in the competition “Theatre in the Industrial Gas Museum” in 2014, when it retained the award for writing and theatrical monologue.

When: 13th, 14th&15th November
Hours: 21.00-21.30
Where: Warehouse Hall
Cost: 10€, 8€ (reduced cost for unemployed/students)

*With your ticket you can have a short tour to the old retorts.

Cast & Creative: Text-Direction: Efi Lantavou │ Performance: Margarita Kastrinou

Θέατρο στο ΒΜΦ | Η Μαρίκα στο Γκάζι

Haiti, a performance for History

Theatrical performance from the group Hatari
31st October & 1st, 2nd, 3rd November

How important is the past? Is it a logical assumption that nobdy will know we existed in 150 years? Is there one History or many? How much time does it take for a Facebook post to be considered as old? Was the civil war an experiment? Are the dominos set in the correct order for the sole reason of falling? Can you be defined by something you don’t even know?

With the question being the one and only tool, the History of the Modern Greek State becomes not only an area of consideration, investigation and amusement but also α counterpoint to the ahistorical and flat present. It is the history of a nation, which started its journey with the best wishes for liberation from Haiti –the first country which formally recognized the Greek War of Independence of 1821. The “Haition” was an independent but extremely poor country, which was in no position to finance the Revolution. However it sent to the Greek people 45 tons of coffee for sale, in exchange for weapons and military equipment, as well as 100 Haitian volunteers who all died on their way to Greece…

When: 31st October & 1st, 2nd, 3rd November
Hours: 21.00-22.00
Cost: 10€, 8€ (reduced cost for unemployed/students)

Cast & Creative | Conception- Direction- Text: Marios Tsangaris, Alkis Zoupas │Actors: Yorgos Kapiniaris, Alkis Zoupas │Assistant Director: Feni Benou │Choreography: Valia Papachristou │ Lighting Design-Video-Photography: Yorgos Zafiriou │Sound Design- Original Score: Marios Tsangaris │ Poster Design: Constantinos Sellas │ Production: Hatari, Group7

Θέατρο στο ΒΜΦ | Αϊτή, μία performance για την Ιστορία

A city in the dark

Theatrical performance by the group Don Quixotes
Sunday 12th+19th November

Athens 2017. The city has plunged into darkness. Nobody knows why. The case was taken up by the well-known detective Fotis Mavridis, who will soon find out that something weird is going on. Is it another mystery case or maybe…a time travel?

The tale “A city in the dark” stood out in the Drama Competition “Theatre in the Industrial Gas Museum” where it retained the award for original story and acting.

Cast & Creative | Text: Christos Christopoulos │Direction: Don Quixotes│ Actors: Sophia Nikolopoulou,Christos Christopoulos

When: Sunday 12th & 19th November
Hours: 18.00-19.00
Where: Warehouse hall
Cost: 8€

*With your ticket you can have a short tour to the old retorts.

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