160 years made in Greece

Industry, Innovation, Novelty

A trip to the Greek Industry

Where does a rabbit come from? When was the first ice-cream on a stick made? What do we know about Mr. Marshall and his plan? Which Greek industries had the most original advertisements? Have you ever seen a mixer bigger than yourself?

Exactly one year after the GR80s, Greece in the Eighties in Technopolis, Technopolis City of Athens and the Industrial Gas Museum present the big historical exhibition 160 years made in Greece. Industry, Innovation, Novelty, from January until March 2018 bringing out -for the first time to that extent- the industrial development in Greece, for the period 1860-1970 and how it has evolved so far.

With regard to “160 years Gazi”, the 160-year anniversary of the establishment of the Athens Gasworks, we are planning a colorful and fascinating trip to 160 years of Greek Industry: from the very beginning, the glorious moments and the hidden aspects to de-industrialization, its present and most importantly its future.

More than 800 items, machines, raw materials, photographs, rare documents, a plethora of audiovisual material, original historical texts, unknown facts, side events, guided tours and educational workshops comprise the 160 years made in Greece. With the help of 3 divisions we will interact with 8 sectors of the Greek Industry ( metal, chemicals, construction materials, energy, food and beverage, textile and clothing, tobacco, furniture), and learn more about more than 90 industries, still active or not, which operated in these sectors, raw materials, all stages of production, manufactured products, technological advances and innovations. At the same time we will get to know not only pioneer businessmen and employees but also unexplored sides of the Greek industrial history.

In 160 years made in Greece we will also have the chance to listen to interviews, watch rare production footage as well as old advertisements, touch machinery and raw materials that we couldn’t even imagine that are part of our everyday life: nickel, cement, bauxite and alumina.  We will find answers to questions that even though we didn’t know we had, yet they undoubtedly intrigue us: Which building houses the Athens School of Fine Arts? Why does the white wall color have more shades in Greece than in any other country? When was flour firstly packed? Which car was manufactured in Syros? Which factory illuminated the streets of Athens? What is the 13th labor of Hercules? Who is “the fat” of the Greek Industry? Which brewery produced lemonade as well? Which factory baked biscuits and tiles? Which Greek industry set out on the Silk Road again and transferred the production to China? Which factory was in the spotlight for many prominent ladies of the society of Athens?...and many, many more.

All of this in 160 years made in Greece. Industry, Innovation, Novelty. 

Side Events

By having a better knowledge of our past, we can hold an open dialogue with the present and, more importantly, the future of the Greek Industry, through a series of side events that will take place in partnership with INNOVATHENS Powered by Samsung, the Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Technopolis City of Athens. The program includes debates, presentations, workshops for the economy, the administration and the management of industrial plants, the innovations, the human factor on the industries, the cultural re-use of Greek factories etc. 

Creative Learning

160 years made in Greece are not going to make our little friends feeling left out.  On the occasion of the exhibition, we suggest two interactive tours for students aged 10 years old and over and two delightful educational projects for school groups aged 4-12 years old. We are going for a walk From the field…to the shelf, we are wondering what does the tomato paste remember from its life as a tomato and what’s the story of a proud-looking couverture chocolate, which stands on the shelf of a super market. At the same time, we discover Iconic Advertisements!

During the weekends the program is very rich as well! Every Sunday, from January to March, there will be 160 years made in Greece. Kids Edition, a special series of visual workshops for children aged 6-10 years old, where we will be practicing on new materials, we will be painting, we will be playing and we will have fun! At the same time, we will experiment with the visual arts and we will create our own animation video


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Scientific advisor: Christina Agriantoni

Historical research: Yannis Stoyannidis

Architectural design: Erato Koutsoudaki

Text editing: Thalia Spyridaki

Visual identity: pi6 communication design

Project Management & Museological design: Industrial Gas Museum team 


Dates: 18th January to 25th March 2018

Opening: Thursday 18 January, 19.00

Operating Hours:

Tuesday-Friday, 12.00-20.00

Saturday& Sunday, 11.00-20.00 


General Entrance: 4 euro

Reduced Entrance (unemployed, school children aged 6-18 years old, students): 2,5 euro 

*many thanks to the Institute of Communication for the granting of photographic material of Hellads. Greece through Advertising

Reservations: 2130109325 

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160 years made in Greece

Industry, Innovation, Novelty