Get ready to discover the old gasworks through imaginative crafts! Follow the instructions of the DIY Art Lab’s short and entertaining videos, use simple stuff you already have around the house such as scissors, cardboard, oil colours as well as lots of imagination and make your own power plant!

What colour were the factory buildings? What do the retorts in which the bituminous coal was baked look like? How many people were employed in the old gasworks?

The gasworks was Greece’s first power plant. It was first put into operation in 1862 and had been providing light and power to the city of Athens for more than 130 years! Gas was used for lighting the public streets and in households for cooking or heating. Are you ready to get to know it better?

Make your own colorfoul factory:


 *Download the English manual here.
Make miniature factory workers:
*Download the English manual here.
Make the retorts of the gasworks:
*Download the English manual here.
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