Guided Tours

Follow the gas production line, admire the unique machinery and learn more about the workers’ crucial role in the old Athens Gasworks as well as the life conditions in the area of Gazi, all this with the help of our experienced staff.

Through this guided tour you will be able to fully understand why a visit to the Industrial Gas Museum is an all senses experience. You can come into contact with the factory odors, listen to the workers’ stories from the retorts and touch the machines which were operating until recently and were filling the city with energy and lighting. Your experience will be embellished with the use of new technologies, 3d projections combined with historical items and a plethora of audiovisual material.

Duration: 50 minutes
Cost: 3€/person
Dates: All year
*Guided tours for adults take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 17.30

*At the weekend, guided tours for adults are only for pre-organised groups
Minimum number of participants: 5 persons/ tour

*Phone reservation needed for participating in guided tours Tel:2130109325.
*Guided tours are also available in English at request

Additional Info

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